Gorilla-Costume-Clad Neighbor Creates Today's Great Moment In Photojournalism

You might not normally be interested in a local news story from the New Hampshire Union-Leader about a beach house that "was gutted this morning after two separate fires broke out just a few hours apart." But reporter Jason Schreiber made sure it would get national attention when he snapped the most bizarre photo that he possibly could and attached a brilliantly deadpan caption.

Says commenter Barney, from Hampstead: "What is going on with the Union Leader lately?!? Yesterday, we have the pregnant deer getting decapitated by a Corolla... today, we have a house fire victim dressed as a gorilla! What?!? There were no better photos than that of a guy dressed as a gorilla watching his house burn?" NO, THERE WEREN'T ANY BETTER PHOTOS. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

Anyway, there's your top contender in the Gorilla Furry Photobomb Of 2010. The End.

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