Gorillaz, Andre 3000 And James Murphy's 'Do Ya Thing' For Converse

In a bid to get you to buy flat-soled shoes, Damon Albarn and James Murphy teamed up with a musician not at all like them for Converse's "Three Artists, One Song" series. The Gorillaz and (former) LCD Soundsystem frontmen joined forces with Outkast's Andre 3000, producing a song they'll release on Converse's site on Feb. 23 that sounds like it could be either amazing or amazing in a not good way. From the British tabloid The Sun:

"Damon must have been inspired by Andre because he raps rather than sings the opening two verses himself.
James then sings on a chorus before Andre takes over, singing and rapping in impressive fashion."

For all of you wondering whether Andre's "impressive fashion" will outshine Albarn's unspecified rapping fashion, hopefully not! The Sun says another publication got to hear "Do Ya Thing" and thought it was "great." Great! There's also reportedly going to be an "explicit version" released sometime later, and a video directed by Gorillaz' Jamie Hewlett with two new members of the cartoon band, a baboon and a "masked bloke." Don't be surpised if one's wearing a pair of Hewlett's new line of shoes for Converse.

[The Sun via Prefix]