Gorillaz Debut New Anti-Trump Song 'Hallelujah Money' Before Inauguration

After six years, the group returns with a protest song.

On the eve of the Donald Trump inauguration, Gorillaz has returned from a six-year hiatus to deliver a single questioning the spread of power and corruption.

In the accompanying music video for the song ― titled “Hallelujah Money” ― English musician Benjamin Clementine sings in front of various imagery including a lobby resembling Trump Tower’s and (a bit confusingly) a march by the La Candelaria brotherhood, a Spanish group that dresses in white robes similar to the Ku Klux Klan, but has no affiliation.

Uproxx partnered with Gorillaz to premiere the song, revealing that the song’s intent is to highlight the “relationship between power, corruption and compassion in the wake of this undeniably historical moment.”

“Hallelujah Money” is meant to appear on the band’s new album later this year.

Fans of the group will notice that the animated figures that typically front the band are not featured in the video until a brief appearance by what appears to be the character 2D as a silhouette near the end.

Like Clementine, the real-life musicians behind the band Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett are similarly English, but many would say that America could use all the help it can get.

And as the band tweeted earlier today, they seem to agree with that sentiment.



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