The Gory Gourmet Zombie Food Truck Celebrates 'The Walking Dead'

As any zombie would tell you (could they actually form sentences), brains are delicious. To celebrate the DVD release of "The Walking Dead Season 2", a London zombie food truck has popped up to prove it.

The Gory Gourmet food truck comes to us from Street Kitchen chef and mastermind Mark Jankel. The menu is... well, decidedly offal-oriented. Its main course, the Big Brain Burger is made of English calf brains. Jankel told Oddity Central, “We soak it in vinegar and salt, powder and fried until golden crispy. I’m not sure whether it can help you be more intelligent or not but if you want a change for lunch, try this dish.”

Hungry for brains, but not in the mood for a burger? Here's the rest of the menu:

Crispy Brain Dippers
Crispy chunks of brain with barbecue sauce

Brain Salad Wrap
Crispy chunks of brain with wild rocket and tarragon mayo

Feet and Thyroid Nuggets
Nuggets of pig’s feet and cow thyroid with herb mayo

Skewered Hearts
Grilled beef heart skewers with horseradish mayo

Can't make it to London, but want to sink your teeth into some brainy burgers? "The Walking Dead" UK's Facebook page offers some helpful brain prep tips:

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