'Gossip Girl' And The Fashion Blogger Revolution

Five little seasons ago, Twitter seemed very avant garde and bloggers were just a whisper away. Now, "Fashion Social Influencers" are commanding the front row, pulling in advertisers and becoming renowned style experts.
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Just last week I was attending a wonderful launch party at Soaked on the rooftop of the Mondrian SoHo. It was just full of bloggers aka tastemakers, influencers -- anything ending in "-ers," actually -- all chatting about their agents and their newest capitalist opportunities. I'm not sure when bloggers got agents and such extreme notoriety that commanded capitalist gain, but it is a very real and influential phenomenon that has most major publications, brands and PR companies scrambling to keep up with the changing times. And I just have to ask myself -- is Gossip Girl (herself) at the root of this, being TV's most notorious and fashion forward blogger?

I remember five little seasons ago when there were no such sharing devices such as Pinterest or Instagram, and Twitter seemed very avante garde and bloggers were just a whisper away. Innovative but uncensored tabloid-worthy blogs like Just Jared and Perez Hilton exploded and then "Style Rookie" Tavi Gevinson took the helm at the wise old age of 13, teaching us all a thing or two. Which makes me ask, is Tavi the real gossip girl? Slyly getting front row seats at the Parisian shows, hanging with Karl L...yes, these are things I think about.

However it happened, the blogosphere and all its participants are part of a new movement that is shaking up the fashion world as we know it. "Fashion Social Influencers" are commanding the front row, pulling in advertisers and becoming renowned style experts. The interweb has really provided a "greater than thou" vehicle of shared information, imagery, inspiration and friending that has almost a cold wave futuristic influence on our every day lives. I find it brilliant that virtually anyone can start posting "things I like" imagery or my "messy bun" tutorials and become overnight sensations generating notoriety and income from their opinions and views. American capitalism at its best!

Now let's talk about something really important: fall fashion trends!

Having been very impressed with Raf's couture debut at La Maison Dior, I'm suddenly obsessed with florals for fall -- no gasps please. I'm talking deep, dark, rich florals. Black backgrounds punctuated by an autumnal palette of aubergine orchids and acidic green stems. Imagine long chiffon printed skirts paired with heavily textured knit tops in strand-dyed copper hues. Can't wait to see these tones flow through the UES this fall on one of my favorite Monday night shows.

If you're more of a simply solids type then look to winter white to fulfill your fall fashion wishes. Bounding down the runways like Valentino on the ski slopes of Gstaad in the '70s, the stuff was everywhere! I personally can't pass up a good men's for women's smoking jacket in this light frothy hue. So discreet yet so chic. Be bold and mix it with Cobalt or Refined by pairing with wine...

Last but never least -- accessories! Yay! So with the impending epic explosion of momentous Baz Lurman take on Fitzgerald's Gatsby around the corner, I'm seeing modern deco bijoux everywhere. Think estate meets fin de siècle. One of my personal faves to embody this trend is Swarovski's reload collection. Giving me tres architectural with a perfect modern spin in stone size, color and shape.

Remember: "Don't Apologize, Accessorize!"

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