Gossip Girl: Spy Games

Spring Fever is in the air. Check that, it's just my swine flu. Alright, on to the nitpicking.

8:01 Blair's fear of the subway is well articulated and valid: molemen and middle class professionals are blights on our fair city.

8:04 HAHAHAHAHAHA! Chuck has set back decades worth of progress in race relations and athletic apparel by going to the LES basketball courts in a suede jacket...over a popped collar...over an ascot.

8:07 Patting myself on the back that I recognized Blair's spy outfit before Chuck even pointed it out. Can't slip anything past me.

8:12 Gabriel looks like he buys his tan from the tanning salon that the Key West Real World crew set up. If anyone actually knows what I'm talking about, we both need help.

8:14 Took me an episode and a quarter to realize this - when did it become acceptable for businessman to date girls in high school? Oh, right, sometime during our most recent Governor's abbreviated term.

8:17 Just had the entire dynamic of female friendship made clear to me: Blair and Serena spend five minutes saying horrible things to each other, but everything is all good as soon as Blair says that Serena looks beautiful in one of her outfits. And you wonder why these girls are being manipulated left and right.

8:19 Murray Hill halfway between NYU and Columbia? That sounds like the math of someone who went to CUNY.

8:19 And I love that these kids just shop for apartments when they get into school. Because no one ever had fun being 18 in a college dorm for a year.

8:20 As per Chuck's suggestion, I will now be calling Blair "the fire hydrant" from now on.

8:27 Serious fireworks in Serena's bedroom. But apparently the rules of a co-op cocktail party preclude actual murder. Chuck says so.

8:38 Weird, I also went to Butter the night before my SATs. Managed to not get rufie'd, thankfully.

8:42 Things stupider than letting your girlfriend take off in a limo with Chuck Bass: 1. Flying a jumbo jet through the NYC skyline without telling anyone first. 2. Writing about every single episode of a teen soap opera for no money. 3. Wearing an ascot to go play streetball.

8:47 I'm sorry, I don't know who Georgina Sparks is. But my gut tells me she did some outrageous stuff in season 1!

8:50 Serena catches Gabriel lying about the night he met her. But I've already forgotten what this proves.

8:52 Chuck just went well out of his way to zig-zag through a prayer circle of children.

8:58 Yes, Rufus, naively investing all your savings with some random kid and doing no research on his project sounds like it could lead to all sorts of "good stuff" for your family. By good stuff, he must mean Dan's inevitable contribution to the growing canon of Ponzi victim literature.

A very pleasant episode, but I like it better when the kids are being promiscuous and illegal rather than entangled in an exciting venture capital project. Oh well, stay spotting.