Got A Cape? You're A Hero. Dress For The Occasion.


Co-author Scott Allison says our purpose as Earthlings is to live the life of a hero.

For those of you who can't imagine scaling a skyscraper or flying faster than a speeding bullet, not to worry. Allison isn't suggesting you play a live action hero. You just have to have the indomitable strength it requires to take a hero's journey.

Allison is the co-author of Heroes: What They Do and Why We Need Them, and he explains that hero stories endow our life with meaning. These adventures - captured in literature and films - reveal our true purpose in four ways:

1) We go on a journey.
2) We grow from adversity.
3) We build a base of supporters.
4) We give back to society

I'm grateful for Allison's take on our life purpose because it encourages us all to realize that adversity is simply the plot line. We might as well embrace it and appreciate the fact that we get to play the lead role.

Just don't lose sleep fretting over what's your kryptonite.