'Game Of Thrones'-Style Map Giving Bastard Surnames To Every U.S. State

If you're a "Game of Thrones" fan, keep reading. If you're not... just keep reading anyway, this is fun.

A bastard-born child in Westeros (the land where "GoT" takes places) is given a surname based on the geographical area they are from. Those bastards from a northern city like Winterfell are given the last name Snow -- like Jon Snow -- and those from a southern area like Dorne are given the surname Sand. It's freezing and snowy in the north, hot and dessert-y in the south... see where we are going with this?

So, if you've ever wondered or discussed what your bastard surname would be if life really was like "Game of Thrones," wonder no more.

A wild, wild genius (thank you, Randal Olson and Redditors all around) took the time to create a map of the fifty nifty United States and assigned a last name befitting each state. The wee ones born out of wedlock in Wisconsin and Louisiana arguably get the shortest ends of the stick, but a tiny tot from Idaho would be a little gem.

Have a look and find your bastard surname below!

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