Got Plans for the Rapture? How About an Online Date with Cheri Oteri!

Online dating is not easy. Which is why comedians Cheri Oteri and Jill Kushner decided to showcase the lengths people might go to for a date in their hilarious new short A Great Catch. Oteri stars as a desperate woman who pretends be a few years younger -- okay, like half her age -- so she can hook-up with some creep (played by Steve Agee, naturally). Written by Oteri and Kushner and featuring a guest appearance from Chris Hansen (yes, that Chris Hansen), A Great Catch is definitely a laugh riot.

Check out the fun Q&A with writer/producer Jill Kushner, and the video -- which is currently featured over at

Okay key up this video for me. What do I need to know before I watch? Is there a chance I'm going to laugh so hard I snort?
You need to know that The Rapture is Saturday, so you should watch this before that. Yes, there's a chance that you will laugh so hard that you will snort. But that will happen mid-Rapture. During our video, you will laugh so hard that there will be world peace. But sadly, this will only last for a short time. What with The Rapture happening on Saturday.

How did you ladies come up with the idea for this video?
Cheri came to me with the general idea and asked me if I would write it with her. I high-fived myself (on the inside, because I know how to play it cool) because she's one damn funny girl and we got into fleshing it all out and writing the script. Then I brought in a team that I've shot a couple other videos with (The Creepy Hand Model: Ellen Sirot with Michaela Watkins, Garfunkel and Oates This Party Took A Turn For The Douche) that includes director/editor Daniel Stessen and producer Jayme Lemons.

Have either of you had much experience with online dating?
Does it count if a less-than-sane ex-girlfriend found you on MySpace?

If you were going to create an online dating profile right now and you could only list five things about yourself what would they be? And they have to be in list form (imagine this is for a VERY strict dating site you've never heard of but lists are essential to efficient matchmaking, according to this fictional dating site I've just invented).
The only description less sexy than "Efficient Matchmaking" is "a less than sane ex-girlfriend who found you on MySpace." Okay, so for this fictional dating service, seemingly run by Joan Crawford, I'd list these 5 things about myself:

  • In 9th grade, I spelled my name Jyl. And I'm not afraid to do it, again. Deal with it.
  • Sometimes I think I worry too much and then I remember that my Grandmother rinses off raisins and I'm like ... I'm good.
  • I like flirting. It's so cool if other people are around to do this with. If they're not, I'm still going to do it.
  • I'm allergic to cats. Which is not very lesbian-ish of me. But I will take a Benadryl and sleep with you.
  • I've changed the spelling of my name to Jyl. Told you.

Do they make "Heelys" in adult sizes and where can they be purchased? I'm asking for a friend.
They do. You can get them in Diagon Alley.

Team Jacob or Team Edward?
Jacob. Goldberg. So really, Team My Mom.

Are you going to make a follow-up to this video? Will Cheri's character ever get to meet an age-appropriate suitor?
We've secretly rigged Chris Hansen's home with hidden cameras. But that has nothing to do with a follow-up video. I just have a huge crush on Chris Hansen. If you think about it, Cheri's character is meeting an age-appropriate suitor in Steve Agee's character. Cheri's character is only pretending to be younger. There are so many layers to this video. It's the new Lost.

What does Chris Hansen do in his downtime?
Try to avoid emails and calls from me.

What does Chris Hansen smell like? Asking for a friend. (Different one).
Like doing the right thing.

So all these people in the media are obsessed with talking about this "new" trend in which women are funny. That's bullshit. Obviously women have been funny for a long time -- in fact, you've both had lengthy careers in being funny. So why do you think everyone's in a tizzy over it now?
I'm crying over a boy and doing my nails. Otherwise, I'd have time to answer this question. P.S. Go see Bridesmaids! Seriously! They rescheduled Endeavour's launch for this Monday so that the fellas could be here for this past opening weekend. NASA gets it.

But really, who is the funniest woman in the world?
My niece, Madelyn, is 9 and she kills me. I get stressed when someone, even just while hanging at a bar (I love bars), asks this question or what's your favorite movie or book. I worry that I will leave out something or someone super obvious and I can't stop thinking about the question. I can name a bunch of women that are crazy funny to me. And obviously, I will be leaving out a bunch more and call you everyday going forward to ask you to add to my list. Sarah Silverman, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Tina Fey, Amy Sedaris, Michaela Watkins, Amy Poheler, Morgan Murphy, Jen Kirkman, Karen Kilgariff

What's next for you ladies? You wanna hang out sometime? Asking for a friend. (Friend is me in this case).
If you just asked me out on a date, than the answer is YES! If you didn't, I didn't want to go out with you, anyway.

You can follow Jill on Twitter at TheJillKushner. I'm looking into this so-called "Diagon Alley." Oh, and good luck with The Rapture everyone.