Gotcha: The Top 8 Sites People Plagiarize, a site dedicated to catching plagiarists, conducted a study and found that when students copy from the web, they generally lift blocks of text from informational sites like wikipedia instead of from web destinations particularly tailored to cheating, like

The Washington Post has more:

One-third of all unoriginal content in student papers came from social networks, including Facebook and all of the various “content-sharing” sites where users post and share information, such as It’s an interesting finding, because typically, the content of those sites is unverified and unsourced. Users may say pretty much whatever they want, factual or not


Fifteen percent of unoriginal content came from Web sites that are “geared toward cheating and academic dishonesty,” the paper states. Such sites, including and, “seek to profit from student need by either selling, exchanging or placing advertising around offers of original student papers.”

Plagiarism, will we always misunderstand it?

Below, check out the most common sites to copy from. How do you feel about this? Let us know in the comments section.

The Top 8 Sites For Copying