NYC Improv Theater Provides Comedy for Hurricane Sandy Relief

Although the national news media continues to move onto more headline-grabbing stories, New Yorkers are still dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. As a city that knows how to pull together post-crisis, many local businesses, groups and organizations are continuing to organize Sandy relief efforts.

Last Friday this included comedy theater Gotham City Improv. Located in Chelsea (a Manhattan neighborhood that was one of the hardest hit), the theater devoted an entire Friday night's proceeds to Hurricane Sandy relief for the Red Cross. Featuring the Improv troupe Wet Pajamas and the theater's house team Off The Top of Our Heads, a donation box was also displayed before, during and after each show. The benefit was a testament to New York resiliency, as the theater had been out of commission for almost a week and a half before the shows due to Sandy-caused power outages.

2012-11-16-wetpajamasbenefit.jpg Performers from the Improv Troupe Wet Pajamas: Kevin C. Peterson, Britney Harris and Sam Zaman

According to Artistic Director Marc Adam Smith, the night was to offer New Yorkers a place to "come on out, have a drink, laugh a lot and do some good." With each show packed with audience members, the performers kept the laughs frequent and the mood light.

When asked about why he came to the benefit, audience member Jordan Zolan replied, "I wanted to come out and show my support and to see something that brings a little joy and warmth to such a heartbreaking event." GCI office intern Kevin Gaul said, "Give a little, laugh a little -- and then give a little more," while slyly waving the Red Cross collection basket to waiting audience members.

Gotham City Improv is located at 48 West 21st Street, 8th floor between 5th and 6th Avenues. The theater is the New York offshoot of the L.A. improv troupe The Groundlings. You can check out their website or Facebook page for more information on the theater and its Sandy relief efforts. You can also directly donate to Hurricane Sandy relief efforts on the Red Cross website.


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