GOTLV: Get out the Lesbian Vote in 2015

Every day, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and queer women make herstory. It is made by each of us, often times in ways that may be underappreciated or unrecognized. But when we work together, our power as LGBTQ women manifests one by one, in our communities, and in our actions to help change the world. Whether we are volunteering or running non-profits, cracking the glass ceiling as business leaders or challenging discrimination in the law or politics - LGBTQ women are the driving force behind so much progress!

With only days until the November 3 election, LPAC is joining with LGBTQ women throughout the nation to focus our efforts on our "5 for 15" endorsements. Five women -- each making her own herstory in running for mayor, or state auditor or state senator -- will continue to make more communities more progressive and pro- women. But it will take the support of LGBTQ women and our allies throughout the country, and our collective power and voice, to make them successful on Election Day.

Local politics rarely receives the attention it deserves; yet, the vast majority of our interactions with our government come at this local level. And we are thrilled to endorse three dynamic mayoral candidates:

Jackie Biskupski is a vanguard, as the first out woman in the Utah State Assembly. Now, she is running to be the first out lesbian mayor of Salt Lake City, where she'd also be the first single mother in that role; in fact she'd only be the second woman mayor of the city! Ginny Deerin would be the first out bisexual mayor in America, if she is wins her election in Charleston, South Carolina. She has been a long-time civic leader, both as an advisor to the current mayor, and as a proven non-profit leader. Ginny Foat is seeking to become the mayor of Palm Springs, California, where she has spent over a decade serving on the city council.

As the LGBTQ community seeks to expand our power into every state in the union - beyond the comfortable confines of urban centers or progressive states, we're honored to endorse Joce Pritchett, who is the first out gay or lesbian candidate ever to run for statewide office in Mississippi. Joce is running for state auditor and this highly accomplished Mississippi business leader wants to bring integrity and ethics to state government in Mississippi. She wants to be a public servant on the state government level, but Joce has already helped change the dialogue for LGBTQ women in the south.

Finally, we must continue to celebrate our allies - particularly in races against the most challenging of opponents. Dr. Jill McCabe is a proud LGBTQ ally who is running to unseat one of the worst state legislators for women and our LGBTQ community in the country, in Northern Virginia's Loudoun County.

These five women represent the power that every one of us has to change the world. Together, LPAC's supporters' donations and activism can make a meaningful impact in these five races. And in turn, these five candidates can have tremendous impacts in their communities - from municipal employment non-discrimination bans to fair housing, from protecting women's health in their communities to standing up for pay equity and social justice. Each vote for mayor, each contribution to an auditor's campaign, each phone call on behalf of a state senate candidate are all small acts of civic participation which can help our LGBTQ community build and sustain our political power. Join us in supporting LPAC's #5for15.