'Gotta Share' The Musical: Improv Everywhere Strikes Again At GEL Conference (VIDEO)

Guerrilla improv troupe Improv Everywhere struck again last month at GEL Conference, the annual gathering of tech/social media/business voices in New York City.

With the help of GEL founder Mark Hurst, the covert entertainers pulled off one of their signature "Spontaneous Musicals" at the top of Twirlr founder John Reynolds' presentation. Just as he tells the audience to politely turn off their mobile devices, a man suddenly rises and begins singing about the audacity of the request.

In a matter of minutes, dozens of IE agents pop out of their seats and join the singing man, uniting their cries into a hilarious song about social media called "Gotta Share," much to the delight of the GEL attendees. Watch the mission unfold below, and Click over to Improv Everywhere to see how it was done. You'll see that the name "spontaneous musical" is actually kind of misleading due to the painstaking preparations these things require. How do they make it look so easy?