Good News For Gotti: John Travolta Biopic Back On Track

We were ready to say "fuggedaboutit!" to John Travolta's John Gotti pic but it looks like it's back from the dead.

"Gotti: In the Shadow of My Father" writer and director Barry Levinson told E! that the project is back on track.

"I think we've got the money sorted out now. It's coming together."

The Gotti biopic stars John Travolta as the notorious mob boss and his real life wife, Kelly Preston, as Victoria Gotti. Al Pacino will play the consigliere to Carlo Gambino.

"It's not just him, but John Gotti Jr.," Levinson explained about the plot of the movie. "The dynamic that is interesting to me is Gotti Jr. growing up in the shadow of his father and thinking he was supposed to step up as the next Don and then suddenly realizing that this is not a world he wants to be a part of and how do you deal with that."

It's a good thing the movie is back on track; Travolta has researched the role extensively, even paying a visit Gotti's widow. And now they can get some use out of those decoy scripts.

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