Gov. Chris Christie Endorses Michael Grimm In NY-13

Republican Congressional hopeful in New York's 13th district Michael Grimm added another high profile name to his string of endorsements Tuesday when New Jersey Governor and GOP sensation Chris Christie lent his support to the candidate. Grimm is running against Democrat Rep. Michael McMahon, who's represented the Staten Island and Brooklyn district since taking office in 2009.

"As a U.S. Marine, former FBI Special Agent and small businessman, Michael Grimm's background does not resemble a typical politician," Christie said. "It exemplifies Michael Grimm's spirited dedication to serving this nation. Washington is in dire need of a true representative of the people who will stand up and fight for limited government, cut taxes, rein in spending, and most importantly create jobs and opportunities for the people of his district and our country. Michael Grimm is committed to these principles and therefore, I am committed to helping him win in November."

In response, Grimm said the governor's endorsement meant a great deal to him. "No matter the circumstances, Governor Christie consistently dedicates all of his energy to serve the people of New Jersey and works tirelessly towards that end," Grimm added. "This endorsement is an honor and I promise to fight for my district with as much vigor and initiative as Governor Christie does for New Jersey residents."

Among Grimm's other political backers are Sarah Palin, Mitt Romney, President George H. W. Bush, Sen. John McCain, and Rudy Giuliani.