Gov. David Paterson Offers Jay-Z Critical Endorsement

Gov. David Paterson Offers Jay-Z Critical Endorsement

One thing I have to give New York Governor David Paterson is that he gets hip-hop right more often than not. Today, according to New York Magazine's Vulture blog, Paterson -- citing his September 11th benefit concert at Madison Square Garden -- endorsed MTV's decision to name Jay-Z the "Hottest MC In The Game," and hey, in the context of his role of New York's chief executive, that's just good statesmanship.

WATCH: Jay-Z performs "Empire State of Mind" at MSG

Back in May of 2008, Paterson demonstrated a similar judiciousness by extending a full pardon to Slick Rick. At the time, I made the obvious joke.

In a related matter, I join Vulture's Lane Brown in despairing of Rick Ross's high placement on this MTV list. And Raekwon way down at #10? Ridiculous!

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