Gov. Rauer's Illinois spending cuts plan: "admirable" or stressful?

Gov. Bruce Rauner's proposed budget cuts for Illinois have a lot of people up in arms. But David From, director of the Illinois chapter of Americans For Prosperity, says the governor's tough stance on spending is a breath of fresh air.

From explains:

In the aftermath of the governor's budget proposal speech, the majority of Democrats in the House and Senate and even some of their Republican colleagues decried nearly every aspect of Gov. Rauner's plan. Some said it was unrealistic, others claimed it cuts too deeply, and still others said that it should have included tax hikes.

In all reality, there are a number of aspects in his budget proposal that are deserving of praise, not the least of which is his decision to exclude tax hikes. Most importantly, Gov. Rauner's speech gave us insight into how he will govern. Rather than taking from taxpayers, Rauner has started the budgeting conversation with a focus on how the government can spend less.

As the chief executive of a state in the midst of a disastrous fiscal condition, Rauner's budget plans are admirable and necessary. Reducing the amount of taxpayer dollars the government consumes is the best way to start the climb out of this hole previous administrations have dug for the state. The last thing Illinoisans need right now is a higher tax burden. Rauner understands that increasing the size of the budget doesn't help in making the government efficient. This budget proposal is the first we've seen of its kind in quite some time.

Read the rest of From's thoughts on Rauner's budget at Reboot Illinois.

Not everybody is as thrilled with the governor's plans as From is. Eve Rips, Midwest director of Young Invincibles, says the budget cuts could have a disproportionately negative effect on young adults. Its hard-on-millennials components include, says Rips, cuts to higher education, cuts to DCFS services for people 18 to 21, cuts to Medicaid spending and cuts substance abuse treatment programs, among others. Read the rest of Rips' thoughts at Reboot Illinois to find out why she says Rauner's proposed cuts could contribute to the millennial generation's status as the most stressed age group ever.


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