Gov2.0 camp, a few words

Gov2.0 camp, a few words
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Gov 2.0 Camp occurred over the weekend, and looks like they got a lot done, though we might not recognize its importance for quite a while.

I'm guessing it's another moment in what might be the Constitutional Convention for networked grassroots democracy, aka "participatory democracy." For sure, Something Big
is happening.

Insights are found in a number of reports, like Government workers debate online citizen engagement. A big issue:

"We all want to hear from the public, but we want to hear meaningful stuff," said Joy Fulton of the U.S. General Services Administration. "How do you filter what's going to help us, and filter out what's just noise?"

... Managing Sensitive Data in a Web 2.0 World. Half of the attendees were from the Intelligence Community. The other half were from transparency advocacy groups that fight government secrecy. These groups' interests are seldom aligned, yet it was one of the most lively sessions of the whole weekend: the intelligence geeks were giving the transparency wonks ideas for platforms that can effectively manage the tangle of overclassified (and illegally classified) data that has arisen in recent years.

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