Government 2.0: Obama's Empowered Web

On the heels of his impressive web marketing campaign and a subsequent 4-week quiet period in communications, Barack Obama has launched his presidential transition website: - The Office of the President-Elect.

It's buggy but that hasn't stopped over 3,000 people from responding to the Transition Team's first question: "How is the current economic crisis affecting you?" As expected, the site goes beyond a simple "tell us what you think" blog. Obama is also inviting every American -- and Canadian, oddly -- to take our Seat At The Table where we'll have access to Transition Team documents and community discussions.

Missed Obama's televised weekend address where he discussed key parts of his economic recovery plan and stimulus package? You'll find it on this site, complete with the full transcript. Ready to organize a community discussion on Health Care reform? The Obama machine has begun recruiting. Want the government org chart? This site will link you there.

After gathering 13 million email addresses, 4.4 million Facebook and MySpace friends, and 1M mobile subscribers, the Obama team has an unprecedented invitation for ongoing 1-to-1 dialogue with the public. Will Federal election rules allow President Obama to communicate directly with these supporters as Candidate Obama did? Many of us have been asking what an empowered Government 2.0 will look like. We're about to find out.