Government Agency says H1N1 Epidemic Could Strain Broadband Networks: MediaBytes with Shelly Palmer October 28, 2009

Government Agency says H1N1 Epidemic Could Strain Broadband Networks: MediaBytes with Shelly Palmer October 28, 2009
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The US Government is scared that a swine flu epidemic could crash the countries broadband infrastructure. A report released by the US Accountability Office said that if 40% of employees and students were at home sick, there is a high likely hood they will be on the Internet, hence causing broadband congestion. While 40% of the workforce being affected by H1N1 may seem ludicrous, the government agency suggests precautions, like slowing data transfers in order to fuel financial markets and security networks, may be necessary if such a scenario were to happen.

Tesla's electric Roadster broke the record for most miles by an electric vehicle. The Roadster cruised 313 miles through the Australian outback on a single charge before running out of power. The car broke Tesla's previous record of 241 miles on a single charges, which shows gigantic growth for the life and power of electric car batteries.

Roku, the company who produces set-top boxes for Netflix compatibility, unveiled new HD model boxes. Both the SD, which will retail for $79.99, and the HD-XR ($129.9) include built-in wireless connection, which founder Anthony woods believes will make "it easier and more reliable to start enjoying movies, TV shows, sports and the best online content available, all on the living room TV." Roku's new systems, which will also feature a store will thousands of titles from Netflix and Amazon VOD, comes as Netflix is bolstering its Watch Instantly service through deals with video game console manufacturers.

Verizon reveal its new Google Android phones today. The Droid and the Droid Eris will both be available at retail stores next Tuesday, November 6th. Verizon hopes the phone will keep current customers from switching to AT&T for the popular iPhone.

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