One Nation Under Shutdown: Here's How Congress Is Hurting Your State

WASHINGTON -- Though much of the coverage of the government shutdown has focused on the drama unfolding in Washington, D.C., the effects are being felt widely across the country.

Less than two full days in, thousands of National Guard members have been furloughed, scientific research has been halted, federal technicians have been forced off the job, and wildlife refuges have been closed.

In Idaho, a rescue mission in search of a missing Boise woman was put on hold because the workers conducting it were furloughed. In Arkansas, more than 85,000 meals for children were endangered because of cuts to nutritional programs. And in Connecticut, 13 Head Start programs serving 320 children were shut down.

Not all of those impacted by the partial closure of the federal government actually work for the federal government.

Michele Sturgeon, a private contractor with the CDC Foundation, was forced to stop her work on rotaviruses and forego a salary because the Center for Disease Control and Prevention supervisor who runs her project was furloughed.

"If my supervisor is not there, there is not work for me to do and I don’t get paid either," she told The Huffington Post. "Being a scientist I don’t get paid that much. I have two bachelor's degrees and a master's degree. I owe in student loans three times what I make. I live paycheck to paycheck. This is not financially stable for me at all."

Nor has the fallout of the shutdown been confined to the United States. Kaitlyn Martin, a Numbered Air Force employee working at Ramstein Air Base in Germany, told The Huffington Post that the staff members who organize emergency travel in her office were furloughed and funds were made "unavailable for travel during the shutdown."

"The problem for us is not that we're out of work," she explained. "Many are still working, though will likely face late paychecks until a resolution is made. The problem is that life goes on, and many of the smaller services which keep things running have been cut off."

In an effort to understand the totality of the damage being inflicted by the government shutdown, The Huffington Post solicited reader feedback and surveyed hundreds of local news outlets in all 50 states. The results of our search -- illustrating a nation under shutdown -- are below.

  • The Cheaha Regional Head Start in Talladega was closed.
  • 1,282 marines were furloughed at the Marine Air Ground Task Force Combat Center
  • Movie production was suspended in Angeles National Forest, the L.A. River, the Sepulveda Dam and the West Lost Angeles Veterans Administration Medical Center
  • 850 of the state's National Guard's civilian workers (half of the total staff) were furloughed.
  • Attorneys were expected to file motions to temporarily halt court proceedings in environmental lawsuits, tort cases and other civil matters.
  • A rescue mission for a missing Boise woman was put on hold Tuesday because workers were furloughed. On Wednesday, Idaho officials announced that they were able to get more boots on the ground to help with the search.
  • The Brown vs. Board of Education National Historic Site was closed.
  • More than 300 civilian employees were out of work at McConnell Air Force Base.
  • Air Force Reserve furloughed 300 workers at the 934th Airlift Wing. “How do you feed your family? How do you house your family? It’s ridiculous right now,” said one of those furloughed workers.
  • The Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge center closed its sites and locked its gates.
  • The Columbia Environmental Research Center -- a U.S. Geological Survey research facility -- was closed.
  • In mid-Missouri, people were no longer allowed to apply in person for a replacement Social Security card or a replacement Medicare card.
  • The Bozeman Fish Technology Center, the Bozeman Fish Health Center, the Creston National Fish Hatchery, the hatchery in Ennis and the Montana Fish and Wildlife Conservation Office in Billings all closed.
  • Glacier and Yellowstone national parks were closed to visitors. Those already at the parks were told to leave by Thursday.
  • The commodity supplemental food program was shut down and food is not being distributed.
New Hampshire:
New Jersey:
New Mexico:
  • The widow of a Forest Service firefighter killed on the job was temporarily denied her late husband’s survivor benefits.
  • Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument was closed.
New York:
North Carolina:
  • The Department of Health and Human Services told 337 employees in the state not to show up for work Wednesday.
North Dakota:
  • Officials at Tinker Air Force Base estimated that 2,900 of 14,000 civilian employees were furloughed.
  • Several federal offices in Portland, including the Department of Interior, USDA, GSA and EPA, were closed.
Rhode Island:
South Carolina:
  • Approximately 1,200 federal technicians for the S.C. National Guard were furloughed.
South Dakota:
  • Tribal funds for foster care and other assistance were halted.
  • The Davison County Conservation District was shut down because it operates at an office in the U.S. Department of Agriculture Service Center.
  • Roughly 65,000 could see support from the Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children halted.
  • Half of the state's national guard full-time workers were furloughed.
  • A trip to Washington, D.C., that eighth graders from Washington state had spent more than a year raising money for became a "huge disappointment" due to closures.
West Virginia:
  • 1150 national guard employees were furloughed. "I mean we've got folks that aren't going to get paid. They are going home. And some of them have just come back from war," said Major General James Hoyer, state adjutant general.
  • The state's Hunger Task Force said it would lose out on 217,000 pounds of food it receives every two weeks from the federal government if the shutdown lasts into mid-October.

CORRECTION: A previous version of this story misidentified the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area as in Delaware. It is in Pennsylvania.

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