'D.C. Is Open' Tourism Campaign Woos Visitors To Washington During Shutdown (VIDEO)

Hey America, The Government Is Closed But D.C. Is Open For Business!

The government may still be shut down (as this gone-viral photo makes perfectly clear) but Washington, D.C. is open for business.

While many of the city's most famous landmarks are closed -- national parks and monuments, Smithsonian museums and the National Zoo -- there are plenty of Washington, D.C. sights open during the shutdown.

Destination D.C.'s "D.C. Is Open" marketing campaign spotlights a plethora of the city's open museums (International Spy Museum, The Phillips Collection and Newseum, just to name a few), restaurants, arts venues and sports teams.

In 2012, 18.9 million tourists visited Washington, D.C., 5.5 percent more visitors than in 2011. Tourism is the city's second largest industry, behind the federal government.

Some D.C. hotels have seen a 25 percent drop in guests, according to Washington's WJLA; one estimate claims the shutdown costs the metro area $220 million each work day.

Planning a vacation this fall? Come to Washington, D.C. We're open!

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Open in Washington, D.C. during a shutdown

Smithsonian’s National Zoo

Closed in Washington, D.C. during a shutdown

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