Government Shutdown Foils Los Angeles Couple's Wedding Plans (VIDEO)

Los Angeles couple Natasha Juliao and Sean Coughlin were just days away from tying the knot at Paramount Ranch -- a national recreation area in Agoura Hills -- when they received a very disappointing phone call.

On Tuesday, the groom-to-be told FOX 11 that they were told the park would be closed because of the government shutdown and that it would remain closed until further notice -- a problem many soon-to-be-wed couples are facing.

Now Juliao and Coughlin are scrambling to find another venue at the last minute. Rescheduling their nuptials was out of the question because they have out-of-town guests flying in from places as far as Taiwan.

Another challenge will be finding a venue with a similar Western-style, ghost-town feel of Paramount Ranch on such short notice. The couple tailored their reception decor and even their outfits to the distinct vibe of the park.

"I really feel like they're impeding on my pursuit of happiness right now," Coughlin said. "I can't even marry the person I've been wanting to marry. I've been planning for this day for the entire year."

Watch the video above for more on their story.

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