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Governor Christie Publicly Rejects Medical Marijuana Reciprocity Legislation

There you have it, New Jersey! A governor with his sights set on the oval office proclaiming that marijuana legalization "will not happen on my watch, ever."
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New Jersey Assemblywoman Linda Stender has introduced a bill that would amend the state's current medical marijuana law to permit qualified patients to make marijuana purchases in states throughout the nation that recognize reciprocity. But it has been reported that Governor Christie is prepared to reject the legislation that would protect his constituents from possible prosecution.

The motivation for creating said bill stems from the Wilson family's previous efforts to amend the state's law to allow a wider selection of strains of marijuana with hopes of being able to access a highly-concentrated CBD variety in order to process edible hash oil to treat their daughter's severe epilepsy.

Although the Wilson's efforts were successful, the two lone dispensaries that operate in the state aren't producing an edible form of hash oil that will benefit their daughter as of yet.

"It's a little disheartening," Megan Wilson explained. "They need to figure it out soon so the state gets something in place and everyone has access."

It's sad to report that it truly doesn't matter if the bill successfully traverses the gauntlet of legislative scrutiny or not, simply due to the fact that Governor Christie has publicly proclaimed that he is "not open to it," and that the bill is merely an attempt to legalize marijuana for everyone. (God forbid!)

"See this is what happens. Every time you sign one expansion, then the advocates will come back and ask for another one," the governor proclaimed during a press conference from his statehouse office. "Here's what the advocates want: they want legalization of marijuana in New Jersey. It will not happen on my watch, ever. I am done expanding the medical marijuana program under any circumstances. So we're done."

Remember, New Jersey, you just voted this blowhard back in office! Shame on you! But I digress. Let's see what else Governor Prohibition has to say regarding the future of marijuana legalization in HIS state.

"There's no outpouring of people signing up for this program," Governor Christie further enlightened. "This is another one of those narrow group-think policies put forward by the legislature and I'm not going to continue to expand it. Because what they want is legalization. They're not getting legalization under this governor."

There you have it, New Jersey! A governor with his sights set on the oval office proclaiming that marijuana legalization "will not happen on my watch, ever." If this guy becomes POTUS our country will have officially sank to a historic new low. Just sayin'.

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