Governor Walker: We Dare You to Tell the Truth

Over the past few days, more than 2,000 Wisconsinites signed an open letter to Governor Scott Walker, who is on his way to the NRA convention:

Dear Governor Walker:

After more than four years in Wisconsin's highest public office, you should be well aware of the devastating toll that gun violence takes on the lives of your constituents all across the state.

Surely you remember Bill Thao, who was only 13 months old, when he was shot and killed; and Laylah Peterson, just five years old, when a stray bullet killed her while she was sitting on her grandfather's lap.

You must also know that almost all Wisconsinites -- between 80 and 90 percent, including the vast majority of gun owners and NRA members -- support commonsense solutions like requiring criminal background checks prior to all gun sales.

It's not hard to see why. Closing the background check loophole is proven to be one of the most effective steps we can take to reduce gun violence and save lives. Just look at Missouri: After gun rights extremists repealed the state's background check law in 2007, gun murders shot up 23 percent.

Simple changes to our laws could save lives in our state. Yet, instead of giving your all to protect our families, you are heading to the NRA convention in a misguided attempt to advance your personal political ambitions.

More than 2,000 concerned citizens of Wisconsin may not be able to convince you to cancel your speaking engagement at the NRA convention, but we can make one simple and reasonable request:

Tell the truth about us.

Tell the truth about where the vast majority of Wisconsinites stand when it comes to commonsense gun laws and the NRA leadership's reckless agenda.

Tell the truth, including the fact that nearly 90 percent of your own constituents in Wisconsin support background checks on all gun sales.

If you truly represent the people of Wisconsin, as your office demands, you will have the courage and dignity to represent us honestly.


Jeri Bonavia and 2,364 Wisconsinites