Grace Coddington Wanted To Put Susan Boyle In <em>Vogue</em> Editorial

Grace Coddington Wanted To Put Susan Boyle InEditorial

In an interview with Times UK, Vogue Creative Director Grace Coddington revealed how she wanted to cast Susan Boyle as the wicked witch in the December issue's Hansel and Gretel spread, but Anna Wintour went with Lady Gaga, instead. "Annie Leibovitz wanted [Boyle] too, but I think Anna thought it was just all too British and not right," Coddington explained.

Prior to that, Coddington wasn't familiar with the works of Gaga:

"I have to say I didn't really know who Lady Gaga was. She turned up in a white rubber coat, stark naked underneath. No buttons, nothing--and completely you know, shaved, and this huge wig because she's so insecure without it. But she was wonderful."

Wait...shaved? But moving on, Coddington said she hates trends.

"And you know the question they always ask me at shows; 'What's the latest trend?'"

Of course she talked about her well-documented relationship with Anna Wintour, saying, "We fight, we struggle and it makes you very strong. She's actually very straightforward."

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