Grace Helbig's Mom Dealt With Her Temper Tantrums In The Best Way Possible

In her viral videos, Grace Helbig comes across as that cool friend with the best one-liners and silly attitude. As a kid, she wasn't always so chill.

The YouTube star recently sat down with Jimmy Fallon on “The Tonight Show,” and revealed what she was like as a child.

“I threw temper tantrums a lot, which I think is just being creative with your emotions,” she joked.

One such creative moment for little Grace included a temper tantrum as a result of her mom telling her she couldn’t have the cookies she wanted. According to the YouTuber, things got pretty aggressive.

“I think I was like 6 years old, and I grabbed her hair and ripped a chunk of her hair out,” she said.

To teach her a lesson, Grace's mom drove her and her brothers to show them the place they would end up if they misbehaved -- the police station. A little girl happened to be walking into the station at the same time, which definitely worked in her mother's favor. The experience, or what Grace called "an abbreviated 'Scared Straight' program," was successful, and she vowed to never be a bad kid again.

Take it from Grace, kids. Don't mess with your mother.

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