Taylor Swift Mini-Me Grace VanderWaal Freaks Out Over Gift From TSwift

She won't shake this off anytime soon.

Twelve-year-old Grace VanderWaal already won “America’s Got Talent,” but she never thought this would happen in her wildest dreams (Ahhh ah).

In honor of her “AGT” victory, the Taylor Swift mini-me received a surprise gift from none other than Swift herself. The “Blank Space” singer sent VanderWaal congratulatory flowers, which made the “AGT” winner understandably lose her cool. 

That Swift sure can show you incredible things.

VanderWaal knows all about Swift. She’s often compared to the singer, which she told Us Weekly is “truly a blessing.” Following the gift, the 12-year-old singer and ukulele player tweeted out her thanks to Swift, writing, “Words can not explain how honored I am for this.. thank. You. SOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!”

Taylor Swift also retweeted that, so it’s doubtful VanderWaal will be able to shake this off anytime soon.



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