'Graceland': Mike Makes Decision That Could Jeopardize Everything He's Working On (VIDEO)

There are only two episodes left in this first season of "Graceland," and things are definitely building towards an explosive climax. This week, Mike made a huge decision when he came clean to Briggs. Could it backfire? It certainly didn't net him the result he was hoping for.

“I’ve been investigating you for the past three months," he told Briggs. When Briggs barely reacted, he asked, "You’re not surprised?”

Briggs suspected something was up. And then Mike told him the investigation was ongoing. After all, Mike's former handler, Juan Badillo, had died and the Bureau suspected Briggs had something to do with it.

As Buddy TV's Carla Day pointed out, Mike only told Briggs this much so he could gauge Briggs' reaction to hearing the name Juan Badillo. The problem was that Briggs didn't know Juan by that name. He only knew him as Jangles, because of his keys. Briggs did kill him, but Mike missed the chance to see the recognition in his eyes.

“The best solution would be for Briggs to reveal himself to his housemates as Odin and explain why he did it," Day wrote. "If he does that and takes responsibility for what he's done, they would help him. They may not forgive Briggs, but they will want to bring in Jangles and take down the Caza Cartel first.”

Regardless of what Briggs does, TV Fanatic's Chandel Charles thinks a cataclysmic event is imminent. "It really stuck out to me that the house Briggs has always been so fierce in protecting might actually be crumbling from the foundation up, seeing as Briggs always seems to be the one intent on controlling it and keeping it their safe haven," she wrote. "With all the secrets coming out, this house could likely implode, with Briggs the clear epicenter.”

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