Gifts for the 2012 High School Graduate

When I graduated from high school there was one thing -- and only one thing -- I desperately wanted: a car. And that wasn't happening.

Before departing for college, my parents were kind enough (and boring enough -- sorry mom and dad), to gift me with a check. Still... really grateful!

Perhaps this was partly my fault. I knew my chances of getting a car were less likely than being accepted to Julliard without a background in song or dance. On that note, because I didn't want to ruin my nonexistent chances of auto independence, I didn't hint toward other gifts that would've also been music to my ears. Wamp wamp.

To save parents the stress of shopping and college-bound graduates the disappointment of lackluster loot, here are my top picks for the graduating class of 2012:

Grad Gifts Galore - 2012 High School Edition

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