Graduation Gown Gives Dad The Chance To Get Really Comfy (PHOTO)

LOOK: Dad Makes Himself At Home In Rented Graduation Gown

Ancient traditions have left us the fashion of graduation day, and it's a cruel marketplace that charges around $100 just so students can look matchy-matchy on the day they receive their degrees.

After paying hundreds of thousands of dollars for one's education, one might hope for a free, ridiculous outfit at the end of the process, right? Sadly, that's not how it works -- but that doesn't mean one can't get comfortable in a billowing robe before the day is done. Check out this photo below, posted on Reddit by Redditor Jamsterman25.

The user wrote, "So my dad is getting his PHD. 'I payed over $100 just to rent this. I will do what I want in it.'" (Shortly thereafter, another user corrected his spelling, because pedantry needs no excuse.)

Below the photo, a fun fact about academic regalia, also known as academicals.

Some honors students and members of the student government at Sewanee, the University of the South, belong to the Order of the Gownsmen, which wears academic robes to class. The practice is largely considered the last example of the European tradition in the United States.

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