'Graduation Surprise' Video Saves The Biggest News For Last

In May, Jennika and Sam Anderson will graduate from Utah State University. But as their "graduation surprise" video reveals, that's not their most exciting announcement.

The couple -- who is celebrating their third wedding anniversary this week -- is also expecting a baby in June!

Combining a pregnancy announcement with their graduation video was a way to keep their families in the dark until the moment of truth, Sam, who is graduating with an MIS degree, explained in an e-mail to HuffPost Parents. "We have some nieces and nephews and we wanted to do a video call on Google Plus [to] watch our 'graduation' video with them and our siblings," he said.

He is especially proud of how the surprise went over when they shared the video with his parents over Thanksgiving break. "The buildup was such that they didn't expect it," Sam said. "Soon we were laughing, jumping, screaming, and crying tears of joy in their kitchen."

Of course, Sam let on that they had an ulterior motive for making the clip, too: "We also thought [it] would be a good keepsake and memory to hold onto that we could have for the rest of our lives."

Indeed it is. Congratulations Jennika and Sam!

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