Graham Elliot's Newest Restaurant Opens, 'Top Chef' Star Plans Chicago Eatery For 2013

Chef Graham Elliot's newest Chicago restaurant, g.e.b., will open its doors for the first time Monday.

Located at 841 W. Randolph St., the decor is head-to-toe Chicago, with Catholic Saint Candles featuring faces like Mayor Emanuel and Michael Jordan, and a "church meets rock & roll" vibe that hearkens as much to old-school to House of Blues as its beloved gospel brunches, according to NBC.

Dishes are made up of only three ingredients per plate, and divided into six categories, each with a price tag under $20: cold, hot, pasta, sea, land and sweet.

On the heels of that announcement, Top Chef "all star" Fabio Viviani told Chicago Eater that he has teamed up with the duo behind Public House and Bull & Bear to open an Italian-leaning concept restaurant in River North by late 2012 or early 2013.

"I want to do simple food and some good stuff," Vivani told the food blog. "I'm not planning to reinvent anything."

CORRECTION: This story previously reported that g.e.b. opened to the public on Tuesday. Elliot's restaurant actually opened to the public on Monday.