Grammys 2012 Paris Hilton: LMFAO Blooper While Talking Music Career, Whitney Houston

Paris Hilton's LMFAO Blooper At The Grammys

It was a somber evening on the red carpet at the 2012 Grammy Awards in the wake of Whitney Houston's death, but leave it to socialite Paris Hilton to lighten the mood.

On the red carpet, Hilton took the time to talk to E!'s Giuliana Rancic about her upcoming album -- executive produced by Grammy-nominee Afro Jack -- which includes collaborations with "Flo Rider" and "LMAFO," as Hilton said herself.

Since the electro pop band is actually named LMFAO (which stands for "Laughing My F----- Ass Off") Rancic subtly corrected Hilton by slowly spelling out the acronym before her next question. "Now L-M-F-A-O," she said. "You've known those guys a long time. How do you know them?"

Turns out, Hilton has been close with half of the uncle-son duo because her mom, Kathy, is friends with younger LMFAOer, Skyler Austen Gordy's, mom. "I grew up with Skyler since I was a little girl and we were like cousins. They actually used to deejay my parties, starting like eight years ago. They'd always play 'I'm In Miami, Bitch' and now, it's like one of the biggest hits in the world. I'm so proud of them."

Name slip aside, Hilton gave props to her childhood friend and also took the time to remember Houston. "I always admired her since I was a little girl," Hilton said. "I loved her movies, her music, I just thought she was such an icon ... I was in shock. It's so heartbreaking and awful."

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