Grand Canyon National Park's Many Faces (PHOTOS)

02/26/2013 08:21am ET
This Nov. 28, 2009 photo courtesy of Giovanna Dell'Orto shows a late fall sunset as it colors the myriad of chasms in the Grand Canyon as seen from the South Rim drive in Grand Canyon National Park, Ariz. The Grand Canyon is a must see for visitors in Arizona. (AP Photo/Giovanna Dell'Orto) NO SALES

Thanks to President Woodrow Wilson laying down his signature on an act of Congress, most of the Grand Canyon was set aside as Grand Canyon National Park on February 26, 1919.

According to the National Parks Service, the one mile-deep chasm is now visited by five million people each year. Most drink in the view from the overlooks dotting the South Rim as its the most accessible part of the Park and is open all year. More intrepid travelers see the sights from the North Rim, which is 10 miles across the Canyon from the South Rim, and is much tougher to access.

For those who find that just one day of awe and beauty isn't enough, spend the night at the historic El Tovar Hotel or the Bright Angel Lodge & Cabins. There's also the Phantom Ranch, which is the only lodging available below the Canyon rim. Just make sure to bring your own water bottle.

Until you can get there yourself, here's a little bit of the Grand Canyon for you to enjoy.

Grand Canyon National Park