The Grand Canyon's North Rim Just Re-Opened For The Season

This place is sheer magic. 🌲
Toroweap Point, Grand Canyon North Rim via Getty Images
Toroweap Point, Grand Canyon North Rim

When most travelers visit the Grand Canyon, they follow their guidebooks straight to the Canyon's stunning South Rim.

But if there's one thing we know by now, it's that every tourist attraction has a hidden side that can make all the difference to your trip.

Behold, the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. This scenic slice of paradise has a short season -- facilities are only open from May 15 until Oct. 15 every year -- and receives just one tenth of the visitors that see the South Rim.

It's an exclusive piece of bliss you'd be remiss to miss:

Toroweap Point, North Rim
Chris Moore - Exploring Light Photography via Getty Images
Toroweap Point, North Rim
Toroweap Point, North Rim via Getty Images
Toroweap Point, North Rim
Cape Royal Viewpoint, North Rim
Neale Clark / robertharding via Getty Images
Cape Royal Viewpoint, North Rim

At the North Rim, visitors can enjoy long day hikes, horseback trail rides, park ranger lectures and sprawling vistas, all without the notoriously huge crowds at the more popular South Rim.

There is also a lodge, coffeeshop and some overnight campsites for the truly adventurous.

Most tourists don't make it to the North Rim likely because it's so remote: State Route 67 is the only car-friendly path out there, and it's a roughly 212-mile drive from the Grand Canyon's main visitor center.

Cape Royal, North Rim
simonbyrne via Getty Images
Cape Royal, North Rim
Toroweap overlook, North Rim
Piriya Photography via Getty Images
Toroweap overlook, North Rim

As always, the North Rim will be open to visitors until Oct. 15 this year. (Limited services are open in early winter, but snow could cut off access to the Rim at any time.) Park officials are predicting an especially busy season at the South Rim this year, so plan ahead to ensure you enjoy the ultimate Grand Canyon visit.

Happy travels!

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