Grand Central's 'Haunted' Cocktail Bar Will Be Open Christmas Day

Have yourself a spooky little Christmas! 👻🍸

You've probably heard of Grand Central Terminal, and if you've visited or lived in New York City, then you likely also know about the iconic oyster bar tucked within the station's walls. But a haunted, Prohibition-style cocktail lounge?! That's MAJOR news to even the shrewdest of NYC experts.

This is The Campbell Apartment, a "secret" space in Grand Central. For the first time ever, the bar will be open on Dec. 25 this year, and that has visitors whispering in a whole new way.

The Campbell Apartment is a dim den of mystery with drinks as strong as its allure. The space started as an office for railroad tycoon John Campbell but was ill used after his death (at one point, it was utilized as a jail, according to the New York Times).

It was revamped in the '90s into a sleek lounge that's both hard to find -- head in the Vanderbilt entrance, toward the West Balcony -- and hard to forget: Visitors say they've seen doors slamming shut, heard organ pipes blaring and felt gusts of cold wind from no apparent source, leading local ghost experts to suggest the place could be haunted.

But for beverages this delicious, we're willing to take our chances. Cheers!

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