Millennials Totally Baffled By Their Grandparents' Retro Gadgets


Boomers know how hard it can be to keep up with the ever-changing world of technology, one in which landline phones are obsolete and people get their news from Twitter and Facebook.

It's a struggle many young people raised on computers can't relate to. But what if the tables were turned? Elite Daily put together a social experiment to see how well millennials would cope with decades-old technology from back in their grandparents' day. 

Several grandparent-grandchild duos came in and were presented with retro gadgets like record players, analog alarm clocks, boomboxes and rotary phones. As the young people grew baffled by simple tasks like making phone calls and finding the power switch, it became all too clear that the older generation isn't as "tech-challenged" as one may think.

"I'm very grateful I never have to use any of those things," said one young person. 

Just goes to show, it's all about perspective. 

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