Grandma Can't Get Enough Of The Sexy Sports Illustrated Models

We can't look away either, grandma.

Sports Illustrated made history with this year's swimsuit edition featuring a particularly diverse set of women -- including a plus-sized model, a woman over 50 and a UFC fighter. 

With so many beautiful, strong, unique bodies, it's hard not to stare. And our favorite trio, the 3GoldenSisters, are in awe just as we are. 

Grandma Mary took to YouTube this week to view the swimsuit photos for the first time, and her reaction to the women was absolutely priceless. 

Mary gasped at each of the three covers, featuring pro fighter Ronda Rousey, and models Ashley Graham and Hailey Clauson. "She's built," Mary gasped at Rousey's photos. She also called Clauson "gorgeous." 

But Mary's favorite out of the three was Ashley Graham. "What a knockout!" she said. "She'll always be in a good mood because she can eat and snack ... the blonde, she's exquisite but she can't eat!"

Mary then was asked to play a classic game of "Kill, Marry, F***" involving the three stunners and said she'd marry one in particular because, "She would protect me." Check out the video to find out who.

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