This Bride's Gorgeous Grandma Totally Rocked The Role Of Flower Girl

You're never too old to be a flower girl! Just ask this 83-year-old grandmother.

This 83-year-old grandma stole the show when she took on the role of flower girl at her granddaughter’s wedding.

When bride Brenna Kleman married Brock Kendall on April 27 in Wichita, Kansas, she was honored to have her grandmother (who asked that we withhold her name for privacy reasons) play a part in the celebration.

Photos from the wedding, captured by Thomas Felts Photography, went viral after the bride’s cousin posted them in the Pantsuit Nation Facebook group over the weekend.

Grandma tossed those petals with such enthusiasm.
Grandma tossed those petals with such enthusiasm.

Kleman, who works as a registered nurse in an intensive care unit, said one of her patients actually inspired her to ask her grandma to be in the bridal party.

“I was taking care of a very sick elderly women who told me the story how she was a flower girl for her grandchild,” the bride told HuffPost. “She was my inspiration to bring my own grandmother into my wedding day.”

The bride called her grandmother "the strength of [her] family."
The bride called her grandmother "the strength of [her] family."

Wedding guests could not stop smiling when her grandmother came walking down the aisle, Kleman said.

“[Grandma] was very emotional,” the bride said. “She was almost in tears because she wanted to make sure she did OK on my special day. My sisters were there to tell her how amazing she did.”

When she made it to the end of the aisle, Grandma tossed the flower petals up into the air with infectious joy.

“Grandpa was so proud of her,” the bride said. “He told the photographer, ‘That’s my flower girl.’ The photographer did such a great job in directing the shot and grandma executed it perfectly. Every time she threw more petals in the air, our family cheered louder.”

The newlyweds posing with Kleman's grandparents.
The newlyweds posing with Kleman's grandparents.

Now that the images have gone viral, Kleman hopes others will be touched by her grandma’s positive spirit.

“I have learned from my grandmother that life is too short to dwell on the negatives. As she would say: ‘Oh hell, oh well’ and ‘Happiness is a choice,’” Kleman said. “She is my inspiration, and I hope that she can inspire you too — one flower petal at a time.”

Check out some other photos from the wedding day below:

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