Grandma Holding A Photo Of Late Husband Is Making The Internet Sob

There's something in our eye.

When 85-year-old Josie Reza was serenaded by a mariachi band at her birthday celebration this past weekend, there was one person she wanted by her side, but sadly that person is no longer here. 

So Reza took the next best thing ― a photo of her beloved late husband ― and held it to her chest as the memories flooded back. A photo of the Texas grandmother clutching a portrait of her love is making people literally weep.

Reza’s granddaughter, 18-year-old Alicia Salas of Dallas, Texas, tweeted a photo of the emotional moment, which has now gone viral with nearly 20,000 retweets on Twitter. 

He passed away seven years ago,” Salas told The Huffington Post. “It was really difficult for her ... She talks about him all the time.”

On the last birthday Reza got to celebrate with her husband, he surprised her with a mariachi band. Salas says this past weekend was the first time the family has had a mariachi since grandpa passed and they hoped it would make grandma happy.

“As soon as she saw the mariachi, she pulled my uncle aside and asked him to get a portrait of grandpa from inside the house,” Salas said. “She was holding it close to her the whole time. It was a happy moment for her ... She was crying. We were all tearing up.”

And it seems the Twitterverse is having the same reaction. Countless people have posted photos of themselves shedding a tear after seeing the photos. 

“My heart can’t take seeing this,” replied one Twitter user.

As for Grandma Reza, it’s a moment she’ll cherish forever.

I think she was thinking about everything that they went through,” Salas said. “All the good times and how much she misses him.”


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