Girl Tries To Sell Her "Moaning" Grandma On eBay

When ten year-old Zoe Pemberton put her grandmother up for sale on eBay, she described the granny-goods in explicit -- and brutally honest -- details.

The Daily Mail reports,

"Among the many points listed were 'annoying and moaning a lot', although she [Zoe] admitted 61-year-old Marian Goodall could be 'very cuddly and loves word searches'."

Zoe, who later clarified that the posting had only been a joke, said she put her grandmother on eBay because, "She was annoying me. She was moaning at me. I was on the laptop and suddenly thought I'd put her on eBay," according to the Daily Mail.

eBay took down the posting, which was in violation of its human trafficking regulations, but not before Granny Goodall had received numerous bids. Goodall's son told the Daily Mail.

'Within a day there were £1,000 bids. Then it went £2,000. I couldn't believe it. Then when I last checked it was £20,541. I was amazed but my mum wasn't. She said she was worth millions.'

Zoe had appraised her grandmother at much less: "I didn't know how much we'd get for her, maybe 99p," she said.