Grandma Who Admits To Wiring Money To Online 'Boyfriend' In Nigeria Gets Frightening Wake-Up Call

Shortly after meeting her boyfriend online, Barbara says she began to help the man she knew as “David Chris Jr.” financially.

Not only does Barbara say she was sending “David” her own money, but she claims she was also asked to wire him money from other individuals while he was “in Nigeria stuck dealing with business issues.”

“After knowing David for about a month, I started helping him with his business,” Barbara says. “David would ask me to go to a place where they transfer money. David would text me the name and address of one of his clients that was sending money. The wire transfer place would give me the cash. I would send the money to David in Nigeria.”

Despite never having met “David” in person, Barbara says she did this roughly “one to two times a week for about eight months” and estimates she transferred approximately $76,000 to “David” during that time.

“I was happy to help him because I loved him, and I cared for him,” she says of the man with whom she has only communicated via phone, text and online.

Barbara’s daughters and granddaughter say they believe “David Chris Jr.” is not who he says he is and they say they are afraid Barbara has been duped into being part of a money laundering scheme.

Now, they’ve come to Dr. Phil to help “give Barbara a wake-up call”, before she potentially finds herself in trouble with the law.

Watch the video above as Dr. Phil offers a dramatic warning to Barbara about what could happen if authorities were to determine she was unknowingly involved in criminal activity.

On Tuesday's episode, Barbara comes face to face with the man in the photo she says she fell in love with online! Check here to see where you can watch. 



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