Grandma Style Tips: All The Lessons These Old Ladies Taught Us About Looking Beautiful

PHOTOS: Our Grannies Taught Us Everything We Know About Style

Good style and beauty skills, like a house, are built upon a strong foundation. We at HuffPost Style learned this lesson at an early age from the oldest, wisest ladies in our lives: our grandmothers.

Like the ladies we love to see on Advanced Style, our bubbes have an innate sense of what works and what doesn't. Classic is the name of the game -- most wouldn't recognize a trend if it pinched them on the cheek. But there's a timeless beauty in Granny's antiquated ideas, and we owe our fashion sense and beauty regimen to her. In no particular order, these are our grandmothers' most crucial tips. Any we missed? Tell us in the comments!

Stand up straight. Beauty is all about your posture.

Jewelry is necessary. The more, the better.


Keep your hair out of your face. How else will the world be able to see that beautiful punim?

Manicures are vital. The only acceptable colors are nude and red. (Nana would pass out if she saw this girl's blue nails... and her tattoos.)

Red lipstick is essential, too.

Make sure to pick heels you can actually walk in.

Wear a signature fragrance. Our grandma loves Jean Paul Gaultier.


Stay out of the sun. As our grandma says, no one will want to marry you if you look like leather (or Tan Mom.)

patricia krentcil

Vaseline heals everything. Lips, knuckles, you name it.


Do your makeup every day, even if you're going nowhere. You never know who you might run into.

Always bring a sweater. You will get cold.

A scarf, too.


Gracefully-aging stars we can all learn from:

Diane Keaton

Gray And Gorgeous

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