This Grandma Had The Most Epic Burn For Trump

Good thing these are gloves, because he's going to need some ice.

Age is no number for a Trump takedown. 

Elsie Hay Cook, a 79-year-old grandma living in Houston, Texas, recently shared a photo of a knitted creation on the private Facebook group Addicted to Knitting, which has 40,000 members. The particular creation was a gift for President-elect Donald Trump and came in the form of two teeny, tiny gray gloves

Cook didn’t actually knit the gloves. She trolled the group using a photo from a video about doll gloves after members criticized her for a previous post about “pussy hats” that she knitted for the Women’s March on Washington.

Cook told The Huffington Post that her post was “just a joke,” but that she “couldn’t resist.” Still, some didn’t find the humor in the joke made at Trump’s expense, as he has long been sensitive about the size of his small hands

“One accused me of ‘body parts shaming,’ which I thought was pretty funny considering Mr. Trump’s proclivity for the sport.”

Despite the response, the self-proclaimed “avid knitter” and “lifelong liberal Democrat” is ready for her fifteen minutes of fame to end.

“I never dreamed I would have caused all this stink,” Cook told BuzzFeed of her viral fame. Alas, she hasn’t had the time to really soak it all in because she’s a busy lady. “I’m still knitting pussy hats, so I don’t have time to fool with it too much.”

We think Cook got the last laugh here. 



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