Grandmas Adorably Become Disney Princesses With Magical Makeovers

Because you're never too old for Disney.

These grandmas are definitely the fairest of them all.

In a video from BuzzFeed, four grandmas received Disney princess makeovers. As they transformed into Snow White, Cinderella and Elsa and Anna from "Frozen," the delightful grandmas shared their thoughts on Disney's presence today and their Prince Charmings. Once their enchanted makeovers were complete, they reacted adorably. "I feel wonderful. I feel like I’m great," one grandma said. "Is that me?" asked another.

All the makeovers were magical, but one of the most memorable moments was one grandma's hilarious (and PG-13) commentary about Snow White.

"God knows what she’s doing with those dwarves," she said.

Grandmas, gotta love 'em.

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