Grannies Try Fireball Whiskey For The First Time And It’s Magic

“It has a distinctive smell, actually. Maybe it’s the balls.”

Like the buzz it’s guaranteed to give you, Fireball whiskey seems to have come out of nowhere. Just a few years ago, if someone offered to buy you a shot of something called “fireball” you’d a) ponder for a moment if the Super Mario Brothers were bartending that night or b) scan the bar for the nearest fire extinguisher.

But thanks to clever marketing maneuvers that involved Twitter, bikini-clad Nashville bartenders and tons of free shots at colleges across the U.S., this brand of cinnamon-flavored whiskey was a thing by 2010.

Though it was the youth of America that made Fireball the official shot of getting blackout drunk and sending texts you regret, it’s not just beloved by the youngins’. In fact, Minnesota Vikings long snapper Kevin McDermott tweeted about how his 100-year-old granny likes to party with the spicy booze:

So why not have other women enjoying their golden years sample the amber elixir? This is precisely what the fine folks at the online magazine Obsev have asked four lucky grandmas to do -- and their responses are as magical as being able to shoot fireballs from your palms at walking mushrooms like those crazy Mario siblings.

Don’t believe us? Here is a little taste of how one grandma responds to her first shot of Fireball:

Yup. Now go watch the above video!

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