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Seniors Reacting To Fashion Week Is Too Good For Words (VIDEO)

We've already decided that our grandmothers are much more stylish than we are, so who better to offer up some contemporary fashion criticism than the ultimate matriarchs of our families?

To cap off New York Fashion Week, HuffPost Live gathered a group of stylish bubbes to break down the latest trends gracing the Spring 2014 runways -- specifically, the looks we chose as our daily favorites. Here's a sampling of the critiques:

"It's very, very pretty. Would I wear it? No, I'd look like a fool if I wore it."

"I'd wear it... with a slip... and also if I could cover up that little tad of midriff."

Watch the video above to see these wise grandmas dish out pointed (and hilarious) assessments of the fashions the kids will be sporting come spring.

Perhaps these looks are a little more palatable?

Vintage Fashion Moments

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