Bride's Grandma And Groom's Grandma Team Up As Ultimate Flower Girl Duo

These gorgeous grannies got the job done. 🌸
07/12/2016 04:27pm ET

Josh and Maggie Wakefield found the sweetest way to honor their grandmas on their wedding day ― by asking them to be co-flower girls.

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On the right, the bride's 75-year-old grandma Joyce. On the left, the groom's 74-year-old grandma Drue.

At the June 11 wedding at White Chimneys in Gap, Pennsylvania, the bride’s grandma Joyce (pictured on the right) and the groom’s grandma Drue (pictured on the left) happily carried out the petal tossing duties.

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The bride with her paternal grandparents and her sister Bethany. 
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The newlyweds with the groom's grandparents. Josh's grandpa Richard had a part in the wedding as well: he led the groomsmen down the aisle.

The bride told The Huffington Post that she’s always had a special bond with her grandma.

“She is like a second mother to me,” Maggie said. “I have so many fond memories of my sister and I sleeping over at my grandmother’s house as children making homemade sugar cookies. My grandparents have been a huge support in my life and I learned to really value their opinions and stories.”

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The bride’s grandparents Joyce and Ronald Sr. have been married for 56 years. 

In December 2013, Maggie’s father died of colon cancer so it was very important to have both of her dad’s parents involved in the wedding. Grandpa Ronald Sr. ― Joyce’s husband ― walked the bride down the aisle.

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Maggie's grandpa walking her down the aisle. 

“I’m sure that my father was looking down, smiling and laughing, at his mother throwing flower petals, with his father and me following from behind,” Maggie said.

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Maggie honored her father, who passed away in 2013, by hanging a photo of him on her bouquet. 

The groom and his grandma Drue also have a close relationship, according to the bride.

“She has been a huge influence in Josh’s life,” Maggie said. “She is one of the most caring, gentle and thoughtful women that I know. Having our grandmothers as the flower girls meant the world to us!”

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"We thought that it would be so much fun to have our grandmothers be our flower girls," Maggie said.

When the couple first asked their grandmas to be in the wedding, they accepted without hesitation.

“Immediately after we asked them, a big smile formed on their faces. We could tell how touched they were by being a part of our bridal party,” Maggie told HuffPost.

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The bride dancing the night away with her grandpa. 

Before the ceremony, Grandpa Ronald told the bride that he and Grandma Joyce probably would not be able to stay until the end of the reception. During the second to last song of the night, they were still going strong and pulled their granddaughter aside to tell her how much fun they were having.

“I think that this was the happiest that I’ve seen my grandparents in years,” she said. “Seeing them dance together just warmed my heart and all I could think about is that one day that will be Josh and me.”

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