Lorna Baillie, Grandmother, Makes Miraculous Recovery After Being Pronounced Dead (VIDEO)

Grandmother Comes Back To Life

A Scottish grandmother who stunned doctors earlier this month by reviving 45 minutes after being taken off life support has uttered her first words since making her miraculous recovery: "I love you."

Lorna Baillie, a 49-year-old grandmother from the small town of Prestonpans east of Edinburgh, Scotland, uttered those sweet words to her family as they left her hospital bedside Sunday night, a sign of the amazing recovery she's made since suffering a major heart attack that nearly killed her, according to the Scottish Sun.

Baillie collapsed in her home on Feb. 10 and paramedics performed CPR and shock treatment before rushing her to Edinburgh Royal Infirmary, the Daily Record reports. Family members hoped for the best, gathering around her bedside as she was hooked up to life support.

But three hours later, doctors told the family that Baillie was past the point of recovery and there was nothing they could do to revive her.

"They said she was technically dead, but they had to wait until she stopped breathing before they could pronounce her medically dead," Baillie's daughter Leanne told the Record.

In the meantime, Baillie's husband John and the couple's four children spoke to the unconscious woman and begged to her wake up.

"We are so close as a family and we are not the kind of people to just give up. We were telling my mum to be strong. I kept saying to her, 'Come back, Mum, come back,'" Leanne told the Daily Mail. "At one point my dad said, 'Lorna come back, I love you,' and then -- just like that -- she was there again."

Baillie started exhibiting tiny signs of life including flickering eyelids and movement in her hands, according to the Daily Mail.

But when doctors said that 'involuntary' movements were typical of people in her condition, the family was unconvinced. They demanded for her to be reevaluated, and when nurses found a pulse, she was rushed into intensive care. Day by day, Baillie slowly got better. A week later, she was removed from intensive care.

Now, she's continuing to recover at the hospital, and has improved so much that she's able to shake her head and give her family high fives, according to the Scottish Sun.

Doctors said recoveries of this nature are extremely uncommon.

"It was unlikely that she would survive because her vital functions had deteriorated so badly," Dr. David Farquharson, Medical Director of NHS Lothian, told the Sun. "This type of recovery is extremely rare."

Below, check out video footage of Baillie's recovery shot by her family.


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